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Friday, November 4, 2011

Inviting Fido Casting Call Contestants Get Your Free Shouts!

Kawartha Dog Sitter Fans You Could be the Facebook Face of Kawartha Dog Sitter Blog!

Fido is sponsoring a fantastic Casting Call competition,We hope you will join in the voting fun too, because each vote earns $1 for Lions Dog Guides. To help our Kawartha Dog Sitter Facebook fans, we are rewarding our loyal readers with shoutouts each day. We will select up to 5 dogs by random.org each day to receive shoutouts on our blog, Facebook.and Twitter. Since we are a new blog and Twitter account, Freebies 4 Canada will be echoing our shouts. Plus one fan will win a spot on our top banner wall as the cover dog for our Fido Casting Call Competitors album, each day and be the Face Kawartha Dog Sitter blog on Facebook. Here’s how you get your shoutout ballots. At the end of the competition each dog entered who is a fan, will be included in a free souvenir ebook.
  1. You must be a Fan of Kawartha Dog Sitter Blog on Facebook
  2. You must be a Fan of Freebies 4 Canada Facebook Page.
  3. Leave a comment below agreeing to the rules as stated in our blog policies.

Bonus Entries

Please leave a separate comment for each thing you do.
  1. Make a comment on Our Facebook Wall.
  2. Subscribe to Kawartha Dog Sitter Blog Free email Updates.
  3. Follow our Blog through Kawartha Dog Sitter GFC
  4. Follow our blog through Kawartha Dog Sitter on Networked blogs
  5. Comment on another post on our blog
  6. Share this post on Facebook, StunbleUpon,Delicious,or any other site.
  7. Follow Kawartha Dog on Twitter.
  8. Tweet about this Giveaway,
  9. Blog about our Giveaway (5 Bonus).
  10. Refer a new fan to our Kawartha Dog Sitter Blog on Facebook
  11. Refer a new Follower to Kawartha Dog on Twitter.
Here’s a peek at our first day's entries:
  1. Please vote for my handsome Bentley ;) Thank you Kawartha Dog Sitter Blog! ;) Karen Daniels Vote for Bentley in the Fido Casting CallTM
  2. Joanne George (Smiley)Vote for Smiley in the Fido Casting CallTM

  3. Sarah Robinson Please help my puppy he is the sweetest dog ever!!

    Vote for Kash in the Fido Casting CallTM

  4. Shannyn Davis Luther is a 4yr old Bullweiler who loves lots of attention, playtime at the park and night time snuggles. Please vote for him to show that "bully breeds" can be famous too!!

    Vote for Luther in the Fido Casting CallTM

  5. Tiffany Martin Please help Gucci to become the next fido star!!
    Vote for Gucci in the Fido Casting CallTM

  6. Jaydean Krupski Vote for Baby in the Fido Casting CallTM
  7. Justin Edison
    Vote for Nikiya in the Fido Casting CallTM
We’d like to send a special shout out to Gucci’s , Tucker’s and Niko’s 2 legged friends who took the time to visit our blog and comment on the Fido contest post.After checking to make sure all our entrants were fans,we found that some of those who posted, were not showing as fans, so they were not eligible.


  1. Unfortunately die to circumstances beyond my control ,I was not able to do these shouts last night. So those super supper shouts will now be- breaking breakfast bleats(?)

    Random.org results
    7 entrants who are fans.
    Gucci left a comment therefore that equals 8 entries.

    Tucker and Niko who also both commented, are not showing in our fan base, Unfortunately this left them out.

    The 5 winners of shouts were :

    #8 Gucci
    #3 Kash
    #6 Baby
    #5 Gucci
    #2 Smiley

    Most 'Likes' contest and winner of the Banner spot was Baby:
    #1 Bentley (5)
    #2 Smiley (4)
    #3 Kash (4)
    #4 Luther (4)
    #5 Gucci (6)
    #6 Baby (7)
    #7 Nikiya (2)

    Here's how Baby won a spot in our Banner by sharing their entry on their wall and 'Liking'their entry.
    See today's shout out contest rules coming up this morning.

  2. Tracking who does what is a little tricky,we asked all entrants to please leave a comment for each thing they did,but there were no comments left. Rather than not award a prize,we have done our best to figure out what each entrant received as ballots.

    Random.org results for Monday Nov.
    9 entrants who are fans.

    Plus Gucci left a comment, therefore received 1 bonus entry.
    Plus PollyPocket follows on Twitter,therefore received 1 bonus entry.
    This makes 11 ballots

    Tucker and Niko who also both commented, are not showing in our fan base, Unfortunately this left them out.

    The Winner of Be Our face on Facebook Cover Dog was entry #5 Gucci

    The 5 winners of shouts were :
    8 Nikiya
    2 Smiley
    5 Gucci
    1 Bentley

  3. Congratulations to all our fans with dogs,even the ones who do not have dogs,and are voting each day. Please let us know if you are voting for our fans so we can include a 'Tip of the Hat' to you in our Free Commemorative ebook.
    Nov 9 Shout Out Winners who will receive shout outs 2 times on Nov 10th from us and Freebies 4 Canada Please Remember to Tell them we sent you!
    # 23 Richie
    # 25 Baby
    # 15 Miss Kitty
    # 29 Luther
    # 12 Tito
    Cover Dog winner #2 Amba

  4. No comments No way of easily knowing who gets extra ballots. Therefore left list as it was yesterday.


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