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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Welcoming More Fido Casting Call Fans to Kawartha Dog Sitter Blog!

Welcome Fido Casting Call Competitors!

Kawartha Dog Sitter Blog is pleased to support our fans in the Fido casting Call Competition and other competitions as well.! The following dogs are entered in the Fido Casting Call Competition and are fans of ours. We are running a little fun Competition for all those entered in the contest to help them get votes. Each of our followers gets ballots in our daily giveaway for each way they interact with our blog, Please vote for all our fans entered in the Fido Casting Call each day It just takes a click and the Lions of Canada Dog Guides receives $1 for each vote you cast! The number of entries IN Our Giveaways for each dog will be updated each day.See all our Fans in the Fido casting Call competition.

Owner Janette Ince,who follows us on Facebook and Twitter, says:
“After 3 years of being dogless, my mommy was ready for her next forever puppy. She found my sister, Pebbles. Pebbles came very sick, and after taking a loan to save Her, She died. Moms human daughter found me and took me to mom. I mended mommies heart.”

Welcome to our blog! Good luck in the Fido Casting Call Competition! See you on the Kawartha Dog Sitter Facebook Page

See you on Twitter!

Suzanne for @KawarthaDog

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