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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kawartha Dog Sitter Blog Sends All Our Fido Competitors Special Shouts!

Kawartha Dog Sitter Blog Fido Competitors Fan List Updated!

Update: Lessons Learned through Fido Casting Call Competition - Post in progress.
Kawartha Dog Sitter Blog presents their Fido Casting Call Competition Fan list. To make it easier to find all our fans who are entered in the Fido Casting Call Competition,we will be updating this list each evening. We were trying to figure out how to make the order of this list fair –should it be: Alphabetical? According to rank in the Fido Competition? By length of time they were fans? Then I was scratching Sunny’s tummy, and it came to me- you scratch our tummy, and we’ll scratch yours.

Get your name on this list and have your Fan activity updated by commenting on: Inviting Fido Casting Call Contestants Get Your Free Shouts!
Help us know about your fan activities! Be sure to include your dog link in the comment when you tell us about your fan activities. If there is a tie between two Fans, the order will be determined by Random.org. This list will be updated each evening before we retire. Here is the list of Kawartha Dog Sitter Blog Fans entered in Fido Casting Call Competition according to their fan activity.
  • 5 Ballots Vote for Amba in the Fido Casting CallTM Owner Ruby Bedi who follows us on Facebook, Twitter ,eMail,and Commented says: “I am an American Bandogge. I am the ideal dog to represent Fido because my muscles symbolize strength & stability, yet my soft, inviting eyes speak the international language of adorable. People always stop to tell me how beautiful I am.” T, FB, BCII, TC
  • 6 Ballots Vote for Polly AKA:Polly Pocket in the Fido Casting CallTM Owner Janette Ince,who follows us on Facebook and Twitter, says: “After 3 years of being dogless, my mommy was ready for her next forever puppy. She found my sister, Pebbles. Pebbles came very sick, and after taking a loan to save Her, She died. Moms human daughter found me and took me to mom. I mended mommies heart.” FB, T, E, FBCII, TC

  • 3 Ballots Vote for Tito in the Fido Casting CallTM Owner Evette Bernabe ,who follows us on Twitter,and Facebook says:“Tito loves posing in front of the cameras and this is just up his alley.”FB,T,FBC
  • 3 Ballots Vote for Miss Kitty in the Fido Casting CallTM Owner Debby Richard ,a FB fan & says:“Miss Kitty is an active happy lil girl, but wants to proove to everyone she is not a muppet or an alien...and by getting into a Fido commercial will at last proove to the world she is a DOG!...Besides I think she is star quality!” FB,FBC-Ii
  • 3 Ballots Vote for Gucci in the Fido Casting CallTM Owner Tiffany Martin, a Facebook fan, says:“Gucci was born a star!! She is a Maltese Pomeranian, adopted from her original family that couldn't keep up with her energy. She is always running around playing with toys and giving lots of kisses. Everybody just falls in love with her when they meet her”Please help Gucci to become the next fido star!! FB. FBC-iiiii, BC
  • 3 Ballots Vote for Richie in the Fido Casting CallTM Richie's owner Owner Theresa McGregor says:“It's been a tough year and every time I get home at the end of the day, I have Richie waiting at the door to bring a smile to my face. I know that he can warm the hearts of others and put a smile on their face as well.” FB,FBC,FBC
  • 2 Ballots Vote for Baby in the Fido Casting CallTM Owner Jaydean Krupski,a Facebook fan, says:“Baby should appear in a Fido ad because he is a Rockstar and is loved where ever he goes. He deserves to be in a Fido ad because he gives all his love at the senior's home where our Grandpa lives and sits on anyone's knee especially if they seem lonely!!”FB,C

  • 2 Ballots Vote for Smiley in the Fido Casting CallTM Owner Joanne George,who follows us on Facebook, says:“Smiley is a special dog. He was born without eyes and has overcome his disability by becoming a Certified Therapy Dog for people with disabilities. People are inspired by him, and he will definitely put a smile on your face.” FB,C,
  • 1 Ballot Vote for Luther in the Fido Casting CallTM Owner Shannon Davis, a Facebook fan says:“Because Luther is a big, outgoing lovable dog who enjoys the limelight.”Luther is a 4yr old Bullweiler who loves lots of attention, playtime at the park and night time snuggles. Please vote for him to show that "bully breeds" can be famous too!! FB
  • 1 Ballot Vote for Nikiya in the Fido Casting CallTM Owner Justin Edisona Facebook fan, says:“Nikiya loves people and is very vocal! She howl's if she doesn't get her way and will carry on a conversation with just about anybody!!”
  • 1 Ballot Vote for Bentley in the Fido Casting CallTM Owner Karen Daniels,a Facebook Fan says:“Bentley is an adorable 5 1/2 month old apricot Cockapoo. He attracts people with his charm, friendliness and stuffed teddy bear look. He is smart, inquisitive and will make you smile. The perfect puppy to attract people of all ages to the Fido brand!
  • 1 Ballot Vote for Kash in the Fido Casting CallTM Sarah Robinson Owner Sarah Robinson,a Facebook fan says:“I think my dog would be so cute in a fido ad, hes a sweet little pup and does the cutest things to make people laugh. i love the little guy to pieces ”Please help my puppy he is the sweetest dog ever!! FB

We’d also like to send a shout out to Tucker’s , Niko’s and Tan Tan's 2 legged friends who took the time to visit our blog and comment on the Fido Contest post. Unfortunately, after checking to make sure all our entrants were fans, we could not find them in our fan database, so they were not eligible.
Welcome to our blog! Good luck in the Fido Casting Call Competition! See you on the Kawartha Dog Sitter Facebook Page

See you on Twitter!
Suzanne for @KawarthaDog

1 comment:

  1. There were no comments left on our blog today about fan activity,so that means 1 of 4 things:
    1. Fans are sleeping -nope there was fan activity
    2. Fans are shy -maybe some,but others are chatting with us on Twitter and Facebook
    3.Commenting is on the Fritz-nope seems to be working
    4. Hmmm I wonder why? They don't want shout outs? Nope that can't be it either Hmm What to do?


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