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Monday, January 2, 2012

Baba the Basenji :Kawartha Dog Friends

Basenji:Barkless Dog

We recently visited Mary, who has a Basenji (bah-SEN-gee) named Baba. Mary fell in love with Basenjis while babysitting a friend’s Basenji several years ago,and has had Basenjis as pets ever since. Baba,her current Basenji is entranced by people's hair! When you sit down he will creep up behind you,sniff your hair all over,and if it is especially pleasing to him ecstatically rub his face all over the top of your head!
Baba is quite the jumper,like most of his breed, which is surprising for their small size - most Basenjis weigh between 22 to 25 pounds and are about 15" to 17"tall. Known as the barkless dog, Baba makes a low howl/moaning/yodeling sound instead of barking,and wears a traditional Basenji bell. Since Basenjis are barkless,when they are used as hunting dogs,in Africa,they wear a bell to help flush game out of the dense underbrush.
Baba has a smooth, shiny, short dense coat which lies flat against his body,and he keeps it soft licking and grooming his hair much like a cat does. Baba's colouring is similar to a deer and he has white speckled markings,much like that of a fawn around his neck in a collar pattern,and on his feet like boots. AKC acceptable colors for Basenjis are black, chestnut red, tricolor or brindle all with white on chest, feet and tip of tail in any color including pinto, white or brindle.

Baba is a high energy dog,and he loves jumping from footstool to footstool around the living room,when not making short work of his tug-of-war toys,or his many chew toys,and rawhide bones.

While Basenjis usually do well with non-canine pets,Baba prefers to be the sole pet in Mary's home.Baba's Basenji watch-dog traits were in evidence as he tried to keep a watchful eye on all the New Year's visitors to Mary's home -trailing them to the kitchen and back,making sure his 'Mum' was well protected.

Basenjis originated in Africa, and date back to ancient times in Egypt. This is why Basenjis are also known as Congo Dogs.Pictures of Basenjis adorn the walls of ancient Egyptian tombs. In Africa, Basenjis are prized for their hunting abilities,alerting owners of the presence of wild game and they often hunt wild game as pack dogs. Mary explained that hunters will carry the small dogs around their neck like a scarf,and Basenjis are so highly prized,that the hunters will sleep outside giving the Basenjis their shelter to sleep in in bad weather.

Mary's large fenced wooded yard is ideal for a Basenji, as they are very energetic, and need plenty of play and exercise.Baba loves to run around,explore and protect his home in the Kawarthas.

This year, the Basenji Club of Canada will hold their Specialty June 2, 2012 in Caledon, Ontario as part of the Erie Shores Kennel Club Show which runs May 31st till June 3rd. For more information about this very interesting breed, visit http://www.basenjiclubofcanada.com

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