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Friday, November 18, 2016

Meet Morkies! [Cuteness Alert!]

Morkies - Cute Adorable Sweet Natured Small Dogs!

Kawartha Dog sitter fans may already know a lot about Morkies, but these puppy pics a reader sent in are soo adorable, we just had to share them!
We personally know the woman who has these puppies that she helped bring into the world in her loving home.
What are Morkies?
Well, meet Mum and Dad.
Kawartha Lakes Morkie Mum and Dad

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Morkies are a combination of a Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier as seen in the picture above.
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This little Yorkshire Terrier is sitting pretty with a pinkbow in her top-knot and adoration for you in her eyes. She has everything you've ever wanted in a Yorkie, a good example of her breed. She's small like her breed 2 1/2" x 2" and is made of a metal body pand-painted with a baked enamel that gives a glass-like surface. Then Austrian crystal are set into her. Her box is hinged at the top of the tail and clasped at her chest with two tiny magnets. She comes resting in her own form-fitted gift box that keeps her safe during travel. She will be treasured for years. There is a matching necklace that can be ordered separately.
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Ready for super cuteness?
This Mum and Dad have four babies - two males and two females.

Morkie Puppies

These Morkie puppies are second generation.How would you caption these pictures?
Morkie Female Puppy 1 - Yorkshire Terrier Confidence

Morkie Male Puppy 1 - Cuddle Me Maltese Temperament

Morkie Male Puppy 2 - Soo Sleepy

Morkie Female Puppy 2 - I'm Tired

Aren't they adorable?
Which puppy would you choose to have for your own?
Here is the ad we are posting for the owner:

Adorable Morkie puppies. 

 2 males, 2 females.
 These second generation morkies come with a 1 year health guarantee, first shot and dewormed.
They are soo cute!
 Born October 4th these fat sassy little munchkins. will be ready for new homes December 4th.
 Sweet natured, raised underfoot and Pee pad trained. They are eating well.
Dad is 8 pounds, Mom is 6 pounds.
When can you see them?
Puppies will be available for showing November 20th.
Will hold with a deposit.
For more information message us through our Kawartha Dog Info Facebook page 

So What Makes Morkies Great Pets?

First, according to About Morkies, Morkies have a good life span owing to their parentage. Usually Maltese live 12 to 14 years and Yorkshire Terriers live 14 to 16 years. In addition to this, mix breed dogs are usually longer lived than purebreds, and small dogs tend to live longer than large dogs.
YORKSHIRE TERRIER DOG TRINKET BOX— CA$39.14 (Save 9%!)This trinket box is heavy for it's size, made of solid metal, hand-painted with a glass enamel and fired to a wonderfully smooth texture. It is bejeweled with brilliant Austrian crystal rhinestones. The hinge is at the...
Morkies can also be a great choice for people who have allergies. Their parents are known for both being single coated low -shedding / no shedding dog breeds, so this makes this breed VERY low shedding. It is known as the BEST low-shedding / no shedding small dog!!

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