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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Terriers - Scottish - Yorkshire - Differences? [Dog Breeds]

What Differences are There Between Terrier Types?

Kawartha Lakes Dog Sitter blog reader Amanda asks

What is the difference between a Scottish Terrier and a Yorkshire Terrier?
Good question!

There are many different types of Terriers.  Many people have popularized the cute Scottie dog or Scottish Terrier. You'll often see black Scottish Terriers parading across sweaters, mugs and the like. You may even glimpse them in cartoons spouting thrifty proverbs in a Highlands accent.However, it is the Yorkie that has become the second most popular dog breed in the USA.
This post has information about the dog breed differences between Scottish and Yorkshire Terriers.

Vintage Scottish Terrier Planter
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So, what are the differences between Scottish and Yorkshire Terriers?

Here is a bit of information about Scottish and Yorkshire Terriers.

Comparing Scottish and Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire Terriers also known as Yorkies are becoming well known as a great small dog to cross breed with Maltese to create Morkies.
While Terriers were originally bred to be scrappy rat catchers, the Yorkshire Terriers became treasured for their intelligence and luxurious low shedding long silky coat that is steel-blue and tan in colour.
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Yorkshire Terriers are a Toy breed and only grow to be about they will eat about 1/4 to 1/2 a cup of food a day and are very long lived many live as long as 16 years. However, as a Toy breed with fine bones, they need to be protected and are quite fragile. They can eve kill themselves jumping from your arms. This is not a dog for rough housing, but they are quite sociable with other pets. Yorkshire Terriers can be quite feisty even with large dogs, much to their detriment.
Yorkshire Terriers have tiny bladders which can make it difficult to house train them. They also do not enjoy wet weather, so if you want to train them to go to the washroom outside, you may need to install a doggy door that accesses a sheltered dog run. Many owners opt instead to Pee Pad train Yorkies and some owners litter train their Yorkies. 

Yorkies originated in England, when Scottish workers came to work in factories brought  Clydesdale Terrier or Paisley Terriers with them.  It is thought that Yorkies developed through cross breeding with Clydesdale Terrier and other breeds such as the English Black, Tan Toy Terrier, and Skye Terrier. Huddersfield Ben, who was born in 1865 was the first modern Yorkie and became a well-known show dog. Yorkshire Terriers were registered in the British Kennel Club stud book in 1877, and the first breed club was formed in England in 1898.
 Yorkshire Terriers need lots of attention, and if left alone for long periods of time, may develop separation anxiety. Due to its small size and occasional skittishness, the Yorkie functions better with older children that have learned how to treat animals.  Yorkshire Terriers require little exercise and are content apartment dwellers. They do not do well in the cold and are relatively tolerant of heat.
Here is a YouTube about Yorkshire Terriers that you may find helpful.
image Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Video Screen Shot

Scottish Terriers
Scottish Terriers have tough wiry coats that come in a variety of colours. They weigh between 18 to 22 pounds and when an adult will eat about 1.5 cups of food a day. Their life span is a bit shorter than other small dogs, but they usually live 11 to 13 years on average.
Scottish Terriers shed a negligible amount, and only require moderate maintenance with occasional Professional grooming.
es. Training Scottish Terriers can be challenging. They are known to be stubborn, and independent, while extremely loyal -especially to the family member who feeds them. Patience and perseverance are required to adequately train Scottish Terriers. Professional obedience schools can also be helpful. It is essential to only use positive training as these are highly sensitive dogs.
Scottish Terriers are known to be moderately protective of their owners and are generally considered to be good guardians. Scottish Terriers will bark and alert their owners when an intruder is present. While this breed is tough in the cold weather it has a hard time handling the heat. Something to consider when thinking about having a Scottish Terrier in your apartment. Another consideration is Scottish Terriers are fairly active They need regular exercise to stay healthy. Do you live near a dog park or can you set up an indoor exercise area? Watch out though, do not leave them unattended outdoors.Scottish Terriers are extremely curious and have a high tendency to wander. They will use their burrowing abilities to get out of enclosures. Scottish Terriers have a strong dislike of vermin bred into them and will chase moles, rats, and snakes, crushing them with their powerful jaws.
The jury is mixed on whether Scottish Terriers are a  suitable breed for kids. Some Scottie owners say they are playful, energetic, and affectionate around children ,while others would not trust their dogs around children.All agree Scottish Terriers are best for those who have previous experience with dog ownership.

Vintage Scottish Terrier Dog Planters— CA$16.19 (Save 40%!)

Here two very cute vintage Scottish Terrier dog planters.
They are in good condition with some wear indicative of age.
These are a great gift idea for the Scottish dog lover in your life!



Here two very cute vintage Scottish Terrier dog planters.
They are in good condition with some wear indicative of age.
These are a great gift idea for the Scottish dog lover in your life!


overall height: 5-1/2"
5" in length x 2" width

No maker markings.

Some crazing and wear.
No cracks
Looking for more information about Scottish Terriers?
Here is a more in depth video about Scottish Terriers from Animal Planet that may answer more questions about this breed
image Scottie Dog Video Screen Shot

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