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Friday, September 16, 2011

White German Sheppard Seeks Loving Home!

Do You Have Time to Romp?

Dog Adoption-Sometimes, the most loving thing you can do for your dog is to find hem a home, that can better meet their needs,as these students are doing for their dog. Each dog has a different personality, and needs, just as all children. I hope you can help Mya find a home. With so many pets available for adoption, please do as our local shelter suggests-‘Don’t Shop – Please Adopt!’
Mya is a year and a half old White German Sheppard, She's very active, with tonnes of energy, and needs a family who can
keep up with her. She is good with other medium-large dogs. They haven't had her around small dogs or children.
Her current owners are 3 university students, and with their increasing class schedule, they don't have time for her.
Mya has her rabies tag for 2010/11 and shots.
*** She comes with her crate, all the food they have, leashes, water and food bowls, and toys.
If you could give Mya a loving home, please contact her owners at 905-505-2352
There are currently 151 Listings in the Free Pets on our local Kijiji. Perhaps you can find a fur kid for your home.

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