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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Calling All Dogs! Fido Casting Call!

Win a Fido Phone Celebrity Photo Shoot!

Canadian dog owners across the country are snapping pics of their pooches to try to win the Fido casting call contest.  What I love about this contest is that Fido is donating $1 for every Fido Casting Call vote to Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides, up to a maximum amount of $200,000.Fido Casting Call Contest, organized by Fido Solutions,and operated by Rogers Communications Partnership is open to all residents of Canada, 13 years or older.

Contest ends: 11:59 pm November 17, 2011 ET
The Contest is divided two parts:
(i) Submitting your dog's Casting Sheet including its photo:
(ii) Voting by the public to determine the Winning Dog


  • Like the Fido Mobile Facebook Page.
  • Then, click on the Fido Casting Call tab to access the online Casting Sheet
  • Upload a photo of your dog and fill out your dog's Casting Sheet with a brief explanation (maximum 255 characters) “Why should your dog appear in a Fido ad” One dog per Casting Sheet.YOU MUST BE THE OWNER OF THE DOG FOR WHICH YOU SUBMIT THE CASTING SHEET.

Contest Tips: Have lots of dogs? Enter all your dogs –just make sure each photo meets the following conditions. Each photo:

a) must be in JPEG. PNG or GIF format;
b) shall NOT exceed 1 MB;
c) must be a horizontal shot with clear background;
d) should include no other images of people, other dogs or animals except your dog;
e) must clearly show your dog (no blurring) without any mechanical or digital alterations;
f) must be an original photo and must be your property;
g) must be appropriate for family viewing and present content that, at Fido's sole and entire discretion, is suitable for the public at large;
h) must not, at the sole discretion of Fido, contain scenes of a sexual nature, or scenes that are abusive, discriminatory, defamatory or in any way inappropriate;
i) must not, at the sole discretion of Fido, contain scenes of a commercial nature that promote products or services (product placement);
j) may be submitted only once;
k) must not contain works that are protected by copyright

GRAND PRIZE: The dog with the most votes will win a trip to Montreal including: return air travel,one night standard hotel accommodation in Montreal for the Grand Prize Winner and Winning Dog (exact number of hotel nights/days to be determined); (iii) limousine ground transportation in Montreal to and from the hotel to the photo shoot venue (if required);
(iv) $500 spending money;
(v) one VIP spa treatment for the Winning Dog;
(vi) one professional photo shoot for the Winning Dog;
(vii) one dog collar with a personalized 2011 Fido Casting Call winner's medal
(viii) one LG Optimus 2X Fido phone
(ix) one Fido ad displayed in public featuring the Winning Dog


RUNNERS UP (9)Runner ups will each receive  (1) LG Optimus 2X Fido phone having and one (1) dog collar with a personalized 2011 Fido Casting Call runner-up medal. Each runner-up prize has an approximate total retail value of $480.
The Real winners? All the people waiting for Dog Guides to help make their lives a little easier.

Are you still reading this-Oh my! Please Go and VOTE VOTE VOTE! www.facebook.com/fidomobile

If you enter your dog in ths contest be sure to post a link in the comments below,or on our Kawartha Dog Sitter Blog Facebook Page so we can vote for you!


  1. www.fidocastingcall.ca/dogs/12145

    Tucker grew up in Peterborough, On! :)

  2. please help Gucci to get some more votes!! thank you :) http://www.fidocastingcall.ca/dogs/2614

  3. Wow Tucker! Talk about a small world! Looking forward to helping Gucci get more votes too! Thanks for visiting our blog.

    Tomorrow I think I'll add a bonus entry system to the shouts draw.

  4. Please Help VOTE for NIKO! This pooch not only showed well in rings, he starred in the new prequel to "THE THING" in theaters right now! Help make this pup's dream come true and make him a FIDO dog :)


  5. Wow Niko That;s amazing! We;d love to feature a guest post on our blog about your experiences. Love your happy smile with that big red tongue!

  6. Would LUV IT if you could help spread the love & vote for my puppy Amba in the Fido Casting Call! He gets a lot of looks when we are out walking including people yelling out of their car windows about how good looking he is. And he has such a fun-loving personality.



  7. please vote for Tan Tan......thank you

  8. Hi Ruby! Congrats on Amba winning Kawartha Dog Sitter Cover Dog

    I wish we knew who Tan Tan's owner is so we could help them get votes too.


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