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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Linkables Dog Toys –Win a Set!

Win one of five sets of Linkables Dog Toys (3 in a set) from Premier

Fido Friendly Magazine Website,has a slew of contests,and some contests,like this one,are open to Canada as well as USA.  We found this contest,after we entered the contest to win a subscription to Fido Friendly.
Contest ends 11:59 pm Eastern time zone on October 25, 2011.

Could your dog use some new toys? How about interactive toys from a super fun, dedicated-to-dogs company wherein the toy dispenses treats at random?
Premier is introducing a new dog toy Linkables! Linkables are a new, progressive way to play with and challenge your dog! Thanks to the unique, patented design, you can mix and match the Links to create an ever-changing toy combination for your dog.
So just what is a Linkable?
  • Toys link together for endless playtime possibilities.
  • Increase the challenge with time by adding new links.
  • Features our patented Treat Meter™ for randomly dispensing treats.
  • Toys work perfectly with Linkables Treats.
  • Treats are Made in the USA.
  • Not recommended for destructive chewers
  • The Linkables Mini treat-dispensing toys are designed for toy breeds (Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Yorkie, etc.). If the winner(s) have a medium-large size breed, Premier can send them the original Linkables!
Premier will find out what size dog you have so the right size Linkables can be sent to the winners!
How do you win? Linkable’s tagline is: “How smart is your dog?” Reply below and tell them how smart your dog is. That’s it. A few words, a sentence or just one word.
Have fun!
See full details at Fido Friendly Magazine Contests- Linkables

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