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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Polly Pocket Update!

Tail Wagging Good News!

Polly Pocket was very ill, and her owner, Janette, was understandably beside herself with worry.We received great news from Polly;and Janette. Polly is all better! Here is the update from Polly,and Janette in response to my note asking how she was.:

Thanks for asking about Polly, she is all better!!! Thank God! We are still not sure what caused her to get so sick, but the vet said it could have just been a virus.
She was pretty sick, but she is back to her perfect little self now! I was sick over her being sick! She is a healthy puppy, and I now trust she is here to stay!!! She is up to date with all shots and gets spayed next Friday....and then we hope not to have to see the vet again for a while!!
Thanks again for checking up on her.  She really is something special. I hope to have a computer again soon, and I can still follow you with my iPhone. Take care, thank you.
From Janette & Polly.
What a lovely note! We're so glad we made our site and feed moblie friendly, so people can access us wherever they are, and share the mews about our friends and dogs, Janette subscribes to our blog by email too.
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