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Monday, January 2, 2012

Fido Friendly Show Us Your Tongue Contest!

Fido Friendly Wants to Feature Your Dog's Tongue!

Fido Friendly features 50 new dogs showing their tongues with each issue! We would love to see our readers’ dogs featured in Fido Friendly too!

Want to join in the fun? Let’s see your dog’s tongue!

Send your high resolution tongues photos to tongues@fidofriendly.com. All photos must be submitted in high resolution, 300 dpi tiff or jpg in order to be considered for print.

Email any photo of your Fido(s) where their tongue is showing. Big tongues, little tongues, panting tongues, cute tongues: They want them all! Please send in only high resolution 300 dpi TIFF or JPEG photos.

Send your photos to tongues@fidofriendly.com and mark the subject line as: TONGUES. Be sure to tell them your first and last name, your city and state and your dog’s name. Send as many as you like.

You can also possibly appear in the magazine. By entering you give FIDO Friendly magazine permission to print your photo in the magazine and use for promotional purposes as well. You agree you are the owner of the photo and if necessary, will provide proper photo credit.

Contest is open to Canada and USA

See more information at Fido Friendly Show Us Your Tongue Contest

Be sure to let us know if you enter, and share your dog’s tongue snapshot with us on the Kawartha Dog Sitter Facebook page too.

Suzanne for @KawarthaDog

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