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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Kawartha Lakes Working Dog Wears Name Proudly!

Kawartha Lakes K9 Officer Wears Important Name!

Kawartha Lakes newest Officer, Recon, has been busy helping track criminals.
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Have you wondered how Recon got his name?
Here's the story behind Recon's name from Kawartha Lakes Police.

Recon - Now On Duty! 

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Kawartha Lakes K9 officer Recon, was certified as a general purpose police service dog after an intense training course with the Durham Regional Police Canine program,
In October 2014 Kawartha Lakes Police asked our community, to name our police dog. After tallying up all the submitted names, they narrowed the choice down to three submissions. Then with the assistance on an online survey posted on October 24th, the community elected to name our community police dog “Recon,”
Why Recon?
Shirley, pictured below, suggested Kawartha Lakes Police name their newest officer Recon in honour of her nephew, a Canadian Forces Military Police Officer who was killed in Afghanistan.
image Kawartha Lakes K9 Officer Recon with Shirley and Officer
Kawartha Lakes K9 Officer Recon with Shirley and Officer
Sadly, April 22nd 2006, Corporal Randy Payne,  the son of a Peterborough area couple was killed by a roadside bomb. Shirley, a close family relative residing in Peterborough suggested our newest Kawartha Lakes Officer be named “Recon” (short for a military reconnaissance) in memory of her nephew.
Have you had an opportunity to meet Recon?

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