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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Petition : Will You Sign to Stop this Dog Meat Eating Festival?

Kawartha Lakes Canine Lovers - Will You Sign This Petition to Stop a Dog Meat Festival? 

Did you know there is a Dog Meat Eating Festival?
 This petition just came into our email, and we signed it right away.
Image Petition to Stop Dog Meat Eating Festival in China banner - Chinese flag and dog with blood oozing from its eye
Image from Petition to Stop Dog Meat Eating Festival in China

Will you sign this petition?

President of the People's Republic of China: STOP THE YULIN DOG MEAT EATING FESTIVAL 

 Petition by: Raise UR Paw Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada 
We at "RAISE UR PAW" need the voices and paws of the world to be raised to help ban the YULIN DOG MEAT EATING FESTIVAL which is going to occur on June 21, 2015. Countless Canine Lives will be sacrificed in order to fulfill an inhumane tradition that has been permitted to occur for many years - and it is now time this horror is finally put to an end.
This brutal "Festival" involves what some call savouring the "delights" of dog meat hotpot, lynchees, and strong liquor -- which will increase the abduction of strays and pets and also increase the torturous & inhumane prisons of dog meat farms - places where man's best friends are raised for such purposes -- thousands of dogs will suffer, be butchered, beaten to death, skinned alive and eaten.
Time is ticking and the massive killing of dogs will soon take place, we must get our voices united and raised not just to save the lives but save the hope in humanity - to be part of a compassionate world where we all come together to stand up and speak out for all innocent life, not just the life of humanity.
If we turn away and ignore the cries/pleas of these babies, then we truly have turned away from being human"kind".

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