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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Milk-bone Calling Blogging Dog Owners!

Become a Milk-bone Blogger!
Milk-Bone is launching a new line of healthy treats, and is looking for dog owners who are interested in the health and well being of their pets. They will ask you to blog about your experience, and they will provide product to host a contest.

Do you love your dog enough to want to provide him/her with products that will help ensure optimal health and well being? Milk-Bone can help you show your love by giving them quality products that are wholesome and nutritious. Milk-Bone has brought 100 years of wholesome, delicious treats to dogs everywhere. As a Milk-Bone Blogger you will receive monetary compensation, product samples, as well as a product prize pack to use for hosting an –online contest on your blog. They will ask you to post one blog and promote one contest.

Milk-Bone is looking for a total of 15 Bloggers who are interested in sharing their experiences with the Milk-Bone product and their dog. Each Blogger will submit one blog post and host one contest in March, 2012

Submit your application by February 22, 2012.

Are you ready to share your love of your dog and be a Milk-Bone Blogger? APPLY TODAY at :
ShesConnected: Brand Ambassador Program

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