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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Daisy Seeks Forever Home!

Help Daisy Find a Home!

Loyal Rescue, is new to me. The following ad appeared in our local Kijiji. According to their site,Loyal Rescue offers pets for adoption throughout the province and in many states. Pets are kept in foster homes, rather than a central facility. This can be a wonderful way for pets to live, in a loving home while waiting for adoption.
Daisy, a Shih Tzu Poodle was rescued from an Ontario Puppy Mill, and has this to say:

Daisy's Story

Until a few weeks ago I didn't have a name nor an identity so I thought that I wasn't very important and now here I am ready to give a speech! Can you believe it? I'm so excited that I don't know where to start but I'll give it a try. I have lived all my life producing one litter of pups after another in a puppy-mill. A few weeks ago, I overheard my owner saying that my life was coming to an end unless I was 'rescued' and I wondered what that meant. I now know that 'rescued' is a great word because it means freedom and love and the ability to run on nice green grass with my friends. I feel so good that I'm giddy with happiness! I have two wonderful foster parents, friends to play with (heck, there is even a cat here) but I do love to chase him, a warm cozy bed, lots of food and water, and lovely soft grass. What more could a dog want except just one more thing: a forever home. By any chance, do you have a nice cozy home and lots of love to share with a quiet lady like me in return for my dedication, love and affection? If so get your application in to LOYAL Rescue as soon as possible and in the meantime, I will get busy packing my bags. See you soon. Love, Daisy

And now a few words from my foster mom:

Foster Home Notes

Daisy is a loving little dog, once she trusts you. She has spent her little life in a puppy mill where nobody gave her any love, so touching and loving is brand new for Daisy. However she is learning fast and loving it. She deserves a wonderful home that she can call her own. I have had her for only a few weeks and yet it seems as if she has been with me forever. As a mill girl she must have a fenced in back yard or she will run if given the chance. I believe that once Daisy is comfortable with her new home and family she will get over this running away very quickly. She loves to play with toys and play tug-a war with my dog. She would do well in a home with another dog her size, and energy level, or a bigger dog. Daisy will try and boss a smaller more timid dog if she can.
Daisy is almost housetrained, but will not ask to go out yet, so keeping her in a routine is important.. All her vetting, including dental, has been done and, with good nutritfood, she is beginning to blossom, now that she has gained her freedom. It is such a shame that a healthy dog like Daisy was so dispensable but she was, indeed, very fortunate to have been rescued by LOYAL. If Daisy has touched your heart and you feel that your home would ideal for her, why not put in an application?

Daisy's Stats

Age: Approximately 3.5 years
Sex: Female
Weight: 14.5 lbs
Breed: Shih-Poo
Foster Home Location: Millbrook/Peterborough Area
Adoption Fee: $375
Temperament: Sweet,loving girl once she settels in.
Dogs: Yes
Cats: no
Kids: older children
Origin: Ontario Puppy-mill

For more information about Daisy, or volunteering with Loyal Rescue contact the Loyal Rescue Blog

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