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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Boxer Pup Sale Results in Fraud Charges!

Is Your Dog Missing? Watch Kijiji Ads!

Puppies are so adorable,unfortunately it can make them targets of unsrupulous thieves. Last month a 10 week old Boxer puppy went missing in the area of Foxfarm Road, Peterborough. Peterborough Lakefield police launched an investigation into the disappearance. A break in the case came when the owner noticed a suspicious ad on Kijiji.

Buying A Dog on Kijiji? Verify Ownership!

Apparently a woman who found the Boxer pup,tried to cash in on her ill gotten gains, by placing a Kijiji to sell the dog. The dog was subsequently sold to an Ajax resident for $350 by the female and an accomplice. It was unfortunate the buyer didn’t see the missing pet ad before purchasing the pup.The original owner of the dog fortunately, learned of the transaction and contacted police.

Boxer Puppy Safe-Two Women Charged

The dog has since been recovered and returned to it's rightful owner.  Charged with fraud not exceeding $5,000 is Amanda Maloney, 29 yrs and Sophie Saumure, 27 yrs of Cherryhill Road.  Their first court appearance is on the 1st of December.

What Should You Do If Your Dog Goes Missing? 

Usually the first thing people think of doing,when a pet goes missing,is to cal the local veterinarians,and animal shelters,then start canvassing the neighbourhood.Placing a Kijiji ad is also a good idea, as well as calling the police. By calling the police and making a report, police can lay charges,and help put a stop to the trafficking of stolen pets. If your dog is missing,we will be happy to help out by posting a picture and details on our blog too.Leave a comment below,or post a picture of you missing pet on our Facebook wall
Let’s help pets be reunited with their owners. Please keep your eyes open for these missing pets.
Suzanne for @KawarthaDog

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