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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Send Pollly Pocket's Mum Your Caring Wishes!

Fido Casting Call Entrant Ill

Polly Pocket, one of our fans who was entered in the Fido Casting Call, became very ill last Saturday, We just found an email from Polly's Mum this morning telling us about Polly's illness. We sent off an email right away to Janet, who was keeping in touch with us via her iPhone. As you can imagine, Janet is sick with worry about Polly.

I know you would also like to extend your wishes to Janet, and we do not release email addresses. However, Janet is subscribed to our blog, so if you post a comment below, with your good wishes for Janet and her family, we hope she will be able to see them when she visits this article.
You may remember, Janet lost last puppy, Pebbles, just a few months ago,and her daughter surprised Janet with Polly to help her heal from the grief.

What Help is Available to Pay For Pet Illnesses?

Does anyone have any suggestions for Janet? She is worried about what to do if Polly is very sick and needs expensive tests and treatments. Emergency pet loans can be very expensive. I frequently recommend people get Pet Insurance when they get their dog, but once your dog is ill, it's too late to apply for the insurance. I'm not sure where Janet lives, but in some communities, there are organizations with special funds set aside for pets who are ill. Is there an organization like this where you live? Please add your suggestions and best wishes for Janet and her family in the comments below.

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