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Sunday, September 4, 2016

#ad 6 Meaningful Dog Lover Gifts !

Kawartha Lakes Pet Lovers What Do You See As Meaningful Gifts?

Do you know a dog lover?

Seeking meaningful gifts for pet lovers can be tricky.
Sometimes you just have to shake your head and wonder:
 "What on earth were they thinking?" 
For example, a friend of mine once received a cat figurine made with real cat fur.
What meaningful gifts have you received?
FTC Disclosure: This post may have affiliate links that will reward us when you purchase through them. This helps us keep kibble in our bowls. Thanks!
Other gifts, especially those that support pet rescues like these from Pawzaar  are definitely more suitable pet lover gifts.

Here are six meaningful pet lover gift ideas.

What would you add to this list of meaningful pet lover gifts?

6 Meaningful Pet Lover Gifts!

1.Pet Photo Shoot.If the person has a pet, a gift certificate for a pet photo session couled be very welcome. Sometimes Kawartha Lakes pet photographers do fundraisers for animal shelters. Ask your local pet photographers if they have a shelter fundraiser scheduled.

2. Pet care gift certificates. Since my injury, following surgery, caring for our pets has been VERY problematic. A gift certificate offering your services or a gift certificate for the services of a pet sitter means much more than a fruit basket.

3. Gifts that highlight their compassion for shelter animals.Pawzaar has many beautiful pet-themed gifts and several, like this trio of bracelets with Choose, Rescue, Dogs are gifts that giveback.
4. How about combining their hobby with the love for their dog?
Knit a Custom Dog Sweater is just one of many online crafting courses your friend might like. Right now, this site offers a free trial month!
  knit a custom fit dog sweater
5. Are they searching for a job?Certification in the Karen Pryzer Clicker Training program could be a life changer!
Innovative programs for aspiring and experienced trainers.
6. Dog Grooming Gift Certificate. 
Now this would go over like a lead ballon if they are a dog groomers. In which case you might give some business tools to help grow their dog grooming business.

Which of these gift ideas would best suit your dog -loving friend?
Drop us a commentwith your ideas.
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